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Adventure Books Stories CR Britting

Pay Homage to Adventure and Nostalgia with Tomb Raider Fan Fiction

Fans of both the long-lived video game series and the iconic blockbuster movie phenomenon will be fast followers of the adventure books stories of C. R. Britting.


Britting has composed multiple works on Lara Croft and her various adventures through ancient ruins, including a short story and a full length novel. Each of these stories showcase the various levels of depth Britting is known for building into his characters, enhancing a pre-existing framework with his insightful themes, sharp wit, and page-turning prose.


C. R. Britting’s full featured novel ‘Silverado’ features an empowered female character unlike any other. An exemplary piece of Tomb Raider fan fiction, this unique take on history brings main character Lara Croft into the wilds of the central United States. Lara must investigate the uncertain origins of the Silverado amusement park, mustering all her strength and experience to combat whatever mysteries may lie within. The international adventurer is taxed both physically, mentally, and even emotionally as she struggles to uncover the true nature of Silverado, and her role in solving one of the most complicated puzzles she has ever encountered. This Tomb Raider fan fiction serves as an excellent compliment to the character’s bold nature and cunning intellect.


The adventure story books of C. R. Britting include ‘The Princess and the Tomb Raider.’ Starring beloved historical figure Princess Diana of England, this heartfelt piece discussing the nature of friendship is perfectly complemented by the character of Lara Croft. Throughout the short story, Diana and Croft trade deeply personal stories about their lives, and ultimately must learn how to say goodbye, even in the most tragic of circumstances.


Lovers of Tomb Raider fan fiction alike will find much to enjoy in these literary gems.

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