Short Stories - Page One 

The stories on this page are short to medium length and cover a wide variety of subjects including military, spy drama, personal reflection, trains, historical, western and spiritual. Please note all of these stories are all copyrighted. Constructive comments are always welcome. Enjoy.

Finding the Simple Life


Sergeant Ted Carson came home after World War I with a Medal of Honor. He was hailed as a hero and even elected to the state legislature. Unfortunately, he also came home with a severe case of 'shell shock' from the horrors he had witnessed in France. He started drinking heavily and eventually ended up in jail.

That's when his life began to turn around.

To read Ted's story, click here.  2350 words

Midnite Crossing

Oncoming train with railroad crossing sign.jpg

Driving home from a Friday night sporting event, the teenagers thought it would be great fun to race a passenger train to the railroad crossing.


On board the locomotive, Dave and Mort are running late and trying to make up time. They are hoping for a quiet night.


None of them know it yet, but in about five minutes their lives will change forever.  To read their story, click here. 2500 words


The Road Ahead

selective focus of sad woman covering fa

I was sitting in the fast food place one cold, rainy night in November, working on my novel. The lady came in and sat down next to the window a short distance away. I really didn't pay much attention until I heard her crying.

There's a reason why Eileen is crying. Read the story to find out why. Click here (.pdf)  2600 words


Night Shift

tower by crbritting.jpg

It's just after midnight and Melanie Bradford is pulling her first solo shift as an air traffic controller. It's supposed to be an easier time, with only a small number of arrivals and departures.

But Murphy's Law is in full effect tonight and she is about the have an emergency that will tax her abilities as a controller.

Fasten your seat belts and click here to read the story.  3600 words

The Tomb Raider and the Princess

Two woman riding by radkin from Pixabay

Princess Diana and Lara Lady Croft have been friends for many years and Lara's country estate has provided a perfect getaway, a place where Diana could come and just relax without all the paparazzi. A nice lunch, a horseback ride in the sunshine, and some good conversation were a pleasant diversion from stress outside.

Today, the princess will be coming for another visit. Neither of the ladies know it, but this will be their last time together.

To read the story, click here.

Reflections on 9/11

9-11 Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash edite

It isn't very often events outside my daily life have such a profound effect on me, down deep in the core of who I am. This was just such a day.


To read Chuck's essay, click here.  (.pdf)  1000 words

Old, Lonely and Full of Regrets

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

When I was asked to meet with a senior guy from the American spy agency, I had no idea what he wanted. Still, he and I had been adversaries for over two decades, so i was curious and agreed to meet him. We shook hands and that's when things went south.

To read Aideen's story, click here.  1400 words