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Stories That Tug at Your Heart Stings

Author C.R. Britting enjoys writing touching stories that appeal to the reader's emotions. Whether they are stories of real pain or reflections of the past, all of the them are heartfelt and worthy of a read. 



I was sitting in the fast-food place one night, working on my novel, when a woman came in and sat down in a booth near me. I didn't pay much attention to her ... until I heard her crying. Find out why in the story, "The Road Ahead."


Over the years, there have been many songs and stories written about relationships between fathers and children. Far too often they tell of broken relationships and the heartache that results from them. One such song is “Morningside,” a haunting tale of a father’s love for his ungrateful children. Written by Neil Diamond and sung as only he can, the song grabs you and doesn’t want to let go. Derek Kirby always liked his grandfather Mike. He would have loved to visit him more often but Mike and his children didn't get along and they didn't visit him very often. Grandpa was a furniture maker and when he died, he left the children a beautiful oak table. But the children wouldn't even come to look at it. So, Derek inherited the table and his other furniture, Mike's complete workshop ... and a woman to marry. The story is called, "For My Children."


It isn't very often that something touches me down deep, in the core of who I am. I feel like I want to cry, but I can't. It was a day no American should ever forget. "Reflections on 9-11."


Westbound Amtrak train 5, the California Zephyr, rolls across the plains of Nebraska. It's two o'clock in the morning and sitting alone in the club car is John Richards. He's on the run, from his job, his home, and his family. A tear slides down his cheek as he stares sightlessly into the dark and stormy night outside. He's lost hope, but he's about to meet a man who will help to turn his life around, in the story, "The Train to Nowhere."

Meet Lucius. He's a soldier. He's been a soldier for a very long time. He's also a man with a secret. He and his five comrades saw it. Now the others are dead and only he knows the story. It's driving him nuts and he's just gotta tell someone or he'll go crazy. Learn about what's buggin' him in the story, "Tell it Like it Was."

His name was Charles, and he was my father. Looking back over my life, it's easy to see the way he helped to shape my future. He was a go-getter, unlike me, and he sometimes lost patience with me, but in the end, I think I turned out okay. Find out how he shaped my life in the story, "A Long Shadow."

Enjoy these touching stories by author C. R. Britting. Click on one of the links above or select from the options below.

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