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Stories With Empowered Female Characters

Female characters were once just

eye candy, not any longer

One aspect of modern fiction is the rise of the empowered female heroines. Rather than mere window dressing, these women stand increasingly by themselves or as an equal partner with the man. Author C.R. Britting has written several immersive stories about women who know who they are, what they want, and who are not afraid to go after it. Casting off their traditional roles and culturally mandated professions, the women of Britting’s stories have a sharp mind and witty sense of humor that keeps readers coming back for new installments again and again.


One niche, in particular, that has found success in the literary world is the story of the American cowgirl. More than simple tall tales or fictional spins on history, cowgirl stories stand as an intricate combination of many unique elements rolled into a specific literary package. C. R. Britting’s full-length series, “Gunfighter’s Legacy,” is a good example. Set in 1886 Colorado, the four-part series centers around the adventures of Elizabeth Carver. Like many of Britting’s characters, Carver is a strong woman raised to be a simple wife and mother. However, her fiery spirit and rebellious nature lead her on a path of her very own, one which often finds her in dangerous situations she could never have imagined.


Fans of western fiction books or strong female characters cannot miss any of the four novels in C. R. Britting's groundbreaking series 'Gunfighter's Legacy.' Over the course of the four books, Beth will grow from an impetuous young tomboy to a married woman with a responsible job in a large company.


Readers interested in strong female characters can find them in many of Britting’s other stories, too. One such heroine is Lt. Commander Anne Henson. She’s a US navy pilot and flies F/A 18s and other kinds of aircraft. These days she’s assigned to DEA. She’s on her way home one night when she’s jumped by some thugs looking for revenge. Her car shot up, she’s pinned down in a drainage ditch when a passing motorist comes to her assistance. John was a flyer himself in times past, but these days he drives a desk. Anne will change his life in the story, “The Woman in the Rear View Mirror.”


Aideen Ramini is another strong woman and a leader in her country’s spy agency. She is invited to meet with a guy from the American CIA. They have been adversaries for a couple of decades. She is skeptical but agrees. They shake hands and that's when things go south, in the story, “Old, Lonely and Full of Regrets.”


Melanie Bradford is a new air traffic controller, working her first solo shift in the Arkron control tower (CAK). The tower chief assured her the night shift is usually pretty slow and a good time to solo. That's true enough, but tonight Murphy's Law is in full effect and Melanie is about to have an emergency that will tax her abilities as a controller. An Air Force stealth fighter is in serious trouble and if she can't somehow talk Pete down, he'll have to bail out in the dark and they'll lose the super-secret aircraft. Can she handle it? Find out in the story "Night Shift."


Lady Lara Croft and Princess Diana, both strong women, have been friends for years. Lara's country estate has provided a refuge for Diana, a place where the princess could come and just relax without the paparazzi hassle. This morning Diana is coming for another visit. They'll go for a horseback ride and have a nice picnic. Neither of the ladies knows it, but this will be their last time together. The story is, "The Princess and the Tomb Raider."


Roberta Jordan has always wanted to work in television and last Friday she graduated from the state university with a degree in Broadcasting. The pretty blonde was a cheerleader in high school and did some modeling to help pay her college expenses. This morning, Bobbie started her first full-time job at NewsCenter4, her hometown's premiere station. That's when she learns her new supervisor is a crusty old guy who dislikes having a woman on his crew. He's even bet the boss she won't last a week. Can Bobbie measure up? You'll find out, in the novel, "Bobbie Jordan, TV Reporter."


Rebecca Clark is a modern-day cowgirl who lives in Montana. Her father owns the Circle-C ranch, where they raise and train horses. She and her roommate, Amy, belong to a fast-draw club called the Big Sky Desperadoes. Becca makes an appearance at the local TV station to promote the group. After the program, she meets Amy's brother, Steve, an air force pilot who has just left the service. They go to lunch and sparks fly between them. However, Steve's former girlfriend, Ally, a red-haired beauty, learns he is home and has other ideas. "Flying Together" is a humorous TV romance that will bring a smile to the reader's face.



Fans of strong female characters will find plenty to enjoy is the fiction of C. R. Britting. Click any of the links above or below.


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