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The stories on this page are short to medium length and cover a wide variety of subjects including military, spy drama, personal reflection, trains, historical, western and spiritual. Please note all of these stories are all copyrighted. Constructive comments are always welcome. Enjoy.

For My Children

Over the years, there have been many songs and stories written about relationships between fathers and children. Far too often the stories tell of broken relationships and the heartache that results from them. One such song is “Morningside”, a haunting tale of a father’s love for his ungrateful children. Written by Neil Diamond and sung as only he can, the song grabs you and doesn’t want to let go. This story is based on that song, but with a twist. To read it, click here.

Dawn Attack

I lay silently in my bunk. I've tried to sleep, but I can't, I'm too keyed up. We've been planning this operation for months and now it's almost time. What have I forgotten? What can go wrong?

With groan, I roll out of my bunk and get dressed. Then I take a deep breath and pull open the door. Time to go make history.

To read Commander Fuchida's story, click here. (.pdf)  1100 words


You know, it was pure chance that led me into Spike's place tonight for a cold one on my way to an evening meeting. You've heard a lot about aliens in the news lately, right? Well, I found out it's true. And, for me, that was critical information. To read the story, click here.

A Flight to Remember

In 1952, a chartered British airliner takes off from Royal Air Force base El Adem near Tobruk, Libya, with two VIP passengers aboard. Hours later and eight hundred miles to the west, at Weelus Airfield near Tripoli, an American cargo aircraft also takes off. Both planes are headed for the same destination and in about six hours they with have a close encounter. For both crews, it will be a "Flight to Remember."

The Train to Nowhere

John Richards is on the run. From his job, his family and his life. He knows something is wrong, but not how to fix it. The train will stop in Reno in about ten minutes, and he'll meet a man with some answers.

To read John's story, click here. (.pdf)  4000 words.


Once upon a time, Norlina was a railroad town. Today the trains are long gone, but for one small boy, Norlina was and will always be a special place, with memories that will last a lifetime.

To read the boy's story, here.  2900 words

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