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This website is owned and operated by CR Britting. He may be contacted by email at

Author's privacy statement.

This website was created to allow you, the user, to read the author's fiction writing at your convenience. Other than information you provide when you email, fill out a contact form or subscribe to the mailing list, the author does not collect any personal information about you. Period.

The site does utilize Google Analytics to gather information about you. I personally use that information to learn how many people are visiting the site and from where. That's the extent of it. Period. What Google does with it is unknown to the author and he disclaims knowledge of it. If you are concerned about your privacy on this site, you may contact me for more direct access to the stories or discontinue using the site.

Below is a link the Google privacy policy, copied from their website. The full document is eight pages long and was undoubtedly written by a team of lawyers to cover every imaginable situation. Feel free to enjoy reading the entire eight pages on their website:

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