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Short Stories - Page Two

The stories on this page are short to medium length and cover a wide variety of subjects including military, spy drama, personal reflection, trains, historical, western and spiritual. Please note all of these stories are all copyrighted. Constructive comments are always welcome. Enjoy.

The Woman in the Rear View Mirror

Young woman looking in the car mirror_ed

Steve Dickson makes a rest stop on the way home from a hunting trip. He heads into the fast food place and there she is... the girl of his dreams. Before long he would save Anne's life and she would change his.


To read Steve's story, click here.  (.pdf)  5000 words

Casting a Long Shadow

Photo by Jonathan Larson on Unsplash edi

Things that happen in childhood can cast a long shadow into your adult life. It sure turned out that way for me.

To read Chuck's story, click here.  950 words

Tell It Like It Was

A 20-year-old secret

Portrait of a legionary soldier.jpg

Buddies who knew me back then say I'm somehow different, that I sure have grown more "mellow" in my old age. I am different, but I could never tell anyone why.

Until now.

To read Lucius' story, click here (.pdf)  2900 words

Watershed Moment

HMS Sheffield.jpg

Historians use the term Watershed for a moment in time after which things are no longer the same. One such event occurred in 1982 near an isolated island in the South Atlantic.

Why a watershed? Click here to find out.  (.pdf)  2900 words

Fifteen Minutes to Off

EMP and the disintegration of America

Star photography by Carsey Horner on Uns

Electro Magnetic Pulse, or EMP, is a huge burst of electrical energy that can be caused by a very large solar flair on the sun or by a thermo-nuclear detonation at very high altitude. Within a second of such an event, almost all modern electronics are destroyed and the country's power grid is rendered useless for years.


No electricity, no air conditioning; vehicles don't work; no emergency services; no water supply or trash pickups. Pharmacies run out of medicine, grocery stores don't get any deliveries, no cell phones, radios or other communications devices, either. In short, a large EMP event would put us back in the 1860's overnight. With trucks and other vehicles not working, experts predict that 80% of the US population could die of starvation within a year.


Could such a thing really happen? You bet it could. To find out how such an event could occur, click here.

Suppose the entire country was to lose electricity-- permanently. No lights, no cell phones, no water, no transportation except horses. Local Police, fire departments, hospitals and a host of what we call essential services would be crippled by the loss of their vehicles and communications. In a short period of time, American would revert back to the 1870's. 


It's pretty scary stuff. Even worse, without our transportation networks, we would be unable to feed our people. and experts predict as many as 80% of the US population could die within a year of a serious EMP event.

Is such a thing even possible? You bet it is. Here's how it could happen.  To read the story, click here (.pdf)  10000 words

The Diary

facing camera.jpg

Someone once told me a way to develop the characters in my stories is tell have them explain how they feel about the situations they experience. So then, listen to the heart of a young tomboy named Elizabeth. She lives in Colorado . . .in 1886.  To read some of Beth's diary, click here.

The Convoy

Naval navy ship in open sea during sunse

A sudden leadership change and the hardliners return to power in Moscow. A week later, Russian troops roll west across the border. The NATO guys are giving a good account of themselves, but now they're running out of of ammunition. Admiral Benten's job is to escort an critical supply convoy across the Atlantic, but just over the horizon a submarine wolf pack awaits them.  Will the convoy survive? To find out, click here.

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