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Tomb Raider Fan Fiction

Pay Homage to History and Nostalgia with Tomb Raider Fan Fiction

Fans of both the long-lived video game series and the iconic blockbuster movie phenomenon will be fast followers of the stellar fiction of C. R. Britting. An avid Tomb Raider fan from the beginning of the franchise, Britting ran a Tomb Raider fan website for a long time and hosted a number of Lara-Look-Alike contests in the late 1990s and early 2000s. 

As the Tomb Raider game grew in popularity, Lara Croft took on a life beyond a mere cartoon character to where she was an almost-real personality. We learned about Lara's upbringing as the daughter of a rich English lord and the traumatic plane crash that changed her life, and many fans wrote stories about her. Some stayed close to the 'exploring another tomb' theme, while other stories put Lara in different settings.

In Britting's full-length novel, "Silverado Adventure", Lara is asked to travel incognito and evaluate a Wild West theme park. Each participant has to choose a stage name and Lara chooses the name "Annie Oakley" after the famous sharpshooter. She partners with "Little Britches," a young woman in her mid-twenties and there's a lot of humor as they meet the other characters and explore the park. But underneath the fun, something sinister is going on. On the third day, Britches is kidnapped for real and Lara has to team up with a former Navy Seal, Spade, and go after her. They are in hot pursuit when their truck is ambushed and Lara and Spade are trapped inside the burning vehicle.  


This Tomb Raider story serves as an excellent complement to the character’s bold nature and cunning intellect. The international adventurer is taxed physically, mentally, and even emotionally as she struggles to rescue her young friend. You can read a preview of "Silverado Adventure" here.

After returning home from Silverado, Lara prepares to receive a special visitor at her country estate, Princess Diana. The two have been friends for years and Lara's home provides a safe haven where Diana can come and relax without the constant paparazzi. A horseback ride in the sunshine and a nice picnic add an accent to the beautiful day. Neither of the women knows it, but this will be their last time together. In the aftermath of Diana's death in a Paris tunnel, Lara is devastated and has a hard time dealing with the huge hole in her life. She must learn how to say goodbye, even in the most tragic of circumstances. This short story, "The Princess and the Tomb Raider" is a sequel to Lara's Silverado trip.


Lovers of the Tomb Raider game and movies will surely enjoy C. R. Britting's fan fiction adventures.

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