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Train and Railroad Stories

Discover Interesting Stories About Trains

Amtrak 92.jpg

Author C.R. Britting has loved trains for as long as he can remember. In the early 1950s, his family lived in Arlington, Virginia, across the river from Washington, DC.  His dad would take him to visit Potomac Yards, a large RF&P facility, and they would spend an hour or so watching them switch the cars around. It was fun and sixty years later, he still loves trains and enjoys writing stories about them. Have a look and enjoy.


Driving home from a Friday night sporting event, the teenagers thought it would be great fun to race a passenger train to the railroad crossing. On-board the locomotive, Dave and Mort are running late and trying to make up time. They are hoping for a quiet night. None of them know it yet, but in about ten minutes their lives will change forever. The story is called "Midnight Crossing."

Norlina is a small town in northeast North Carolina, just off Interstate 85 and only a few miles from the Virginia border. Today it's barely a wide spot along US route one. That was not always the case. In the 1940s it was a railroad town and an important switching point for the Seaboard  Railroad. A boy named Charles lived in the area back then and his most exciting times were when his Uncle John would take him to visit the train station. Today the railroad is long gone, but for one small boy, those times will always be a cherished memory. Learn about it in the story, "Norlina."

Railroads can play an important role in other types of fiction, too. A case in point is C. R. Britting's novel, Gunfighter's Legacy: Outlaws and Trains. The story takes place in 1886 Colorado and centers on a young tomboy by the name of Elizabeth Carver. In an earlier novel, she played an important role in solving a series of train robberies, and as a result, the railroad wants to hire her. As the following story begins, Beth has been asked to come for a job interview. Read a preview of the novel here

Sometimes a train can be place of escape. Consider the case of John Richards. He's on the run, not from the law, but from his home and his job. He feels lost and doesn't know what to do. John loves trains and so what better way to get away from it all than on the train. Tonight he's riding Amtrak train 5, the California Zephyr, from Chicago to San Francisco and he has no idea where he'll go after that. He's about to meet a man who can help. The story is called, "The Train to Nowhere."


The fiction of C. R. Britting delivers a high-quality story that leaves many readers wanting more.  Click on the links above or select one of the "Short Stories" links below:


About the image above:  Amtrak train 92, the Northbound Silver Star, tops the grade at Wise, NC, around 1970. Photo by CR Britting. Rail fans: Notice the double-sided signal near the front of the train. Originally, there was a passing siding at this location, but a train wreck destroyed some of it. The siding was too short for modern freight trains anyway, so the railroad opted to remove rather than fix it.

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