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C.R. Britting is a retired television engineer, led in that direction by a visit to a local TV station in the early 1950s. His father built him his own ‘wooden’ TV camera shortly afterward, and that would become his future career path.


He enlisted in the military in the 1960s where he became a TV technician helping to produce training videos. After leaving the service in 1967, Britting graduated from Ohio State University in 1970 and spent a career working as a TV engineer at various broadcast facilities around the country.

He grew up with the cowboy heroes of the 1950s, such as John Wayne, Roy Rogers, the Lone Ranger, and Hopalong Cassidy. His first western novel was Riders of the Purple Sage by Zane Grey, which remains a classic even today. He is also a member of Western Writers of America.

The author is particularly interested in the evolving role of women in western books and films from support roles to strong leading characters. One good example is Barbara Stanwick, who played a number of strong western characters in the 1940s and 50s in such western films as The Maverick Queen and Cattle Queen of Montana. In the 1960s, she played the lead role in The Big Valley. Other examples, include Hannie Caulder in the 1970s, where Raquel Welch played a woman on the hunt for the men who abused her and murdered her husband. In the 1990s Sharon Stone brought a strong performance as the lead character in The Quick and the Dead.  In 2019, Haley Bennett did a fine job in the remake of The Magnificent Seven.

So, the author believes there’s definitely a place for strong women in the western genre. His current series, Gunfighter’s Legacy, continues in that tradition. The main character in the four-part series is the young tomboy who wants to chart her own course in life. She resists the limitations forced upon her by society. Her skill with a six-gun saves her father's life but turns her future in a direction she never expected.

You'll find more strong women in Britting's writing as well. For example:

Lt. Commander Anne Henson flies F-18's and some other things in the story, "The Woman in the Rear View Mirror."  When she is ambushed by thugs, a passing motorist comes to her aid. Steve will save her life and she will change his.

​Ms. Aideen Ramani is the senior operations officer in her country's spy agency in the story, "Old, Lonely and Full of Regrets"


Melanie Bradford is an Air Traffic Controller in the story, "Night Shift." Tonight is her first solo shift and she's about to have an emergency that will tax her abilities


Princess Diana and Tomb Raider Lara Lady Croft, both strong women, will meet in the story, "The Princess and the Tomb Raider", shortly before Diana's death.

Lt. Denise Forester, missile control officer on the destroyer USS Stockton. It's up to her to prevent an ICBM from reaching the country, in the story, "Fifteen Minutes to Off". In the same story is Ming, a ruthless female assassin, who's job is to make sure the missile launch succeeds.

Roberta Jordan, a recent college graduate, reports for her first professional job at NewsCenter4, her hometown's premier TV station in the novel, "Bobbie Jordan, TV Reporter." She's about to meet her new supervisor, a man who dislikes having a woman on his crew.

Strong women all. And, of course, there's AJ. She's a strong woman too, and the author has been married to her for nearly half a century. They have two grown daughters and live in South Carolina.


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