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Gunfighter's Legacy: The Hard Road

Volume 1 in the Beth Carver Saga

By C.R. Britting

Book Cover Fanstory.png

Author's Note: Like all authors, I'm always looking for feedback on my work. When you're new, that's difficult because you're book is one of many, many competing books. So, we sweeten the offer and let readers have a free copy in exchange for their honest review. Further, when your review is posted, I'll send you a free bonus as well. :-)

Gunfighter's Legacy: The Hard Road is available in paperback and Kindle from Amazon, in paperback and Nook from Barnes and Noble, and in digital on Google and Apple. My preference is Amazon because they offer an excellent price and free two-day shipping to most locations. I can also do Nook and the other digital formats, but they are more expensive for me and have shipping charges. So if you can do paperback or Kindle and leave your review on Amazon, that's my preferred method, okay?

NOTE:  This offer is for the continental USA only. If you elsewhere, contact me and I'll try to help you.

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