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Flying Together 

Welcome to the Big Sky Country of Montana, the setting for this made-for-tv screenplay. The Mason family has lived here for generations. Early on they did livestock like everyone else, but in modern times they have turned to business. Ben Mason, the current patriarch, heads a large construction company and they do projects throughout the west. He is married, with three children and is a leader in the local community.

Cast of Characters

Steve Mason

After college, Ben's older son enrolled in air force pilot training and was something of a wild child. In the eight years since he's flown all over the world and that responsibility has settled him down some. Now, at 35, he's tall and lanky and is considered quite good-looking by most women he encounters.  As the story opens, he's on his way home after getting an early release from the air force.

Rebecca Clark

A Texas-bred cowgirl, Rebecca is about 30 and lives with her father at the Circle-C ranch. She has both a bachelor's degree and a two-year degree in web design and works at a local ad agency in addition to helping with the ranch work.  Becca is a fast-draw expert and she and her roommate Amy Mason both belong to an old west-style shooting club.

(Other Major speaking characters, in alphabetic order)

Allison Grenfeld

Early 30's, a slender, red-haired beauty, Ally was Steve Mason's steady girlfriend during high school and college. They broke up after he entered the air force. Now Steve's back in town and she is determined not to lose him again, especially not to some childish tomboy.

Amy Mason

Late 20's, a pleasant, dark-haired young woman. She is Steve Mason's younger sister and a news producer at local TV channel 27.  She is also Rebecca's roommate.


Ben Mason

In his late 50's, Ben is well known in the community and has run his own company, Mason Construction, for more than twenty years.  He's a forceful man, well used to making decisions and he always expected his son, Steve, to help him run the company. He was furious when Steve joined the air force instead and they haven't spoken much since then.


Dorothy Mason


Ben's wife, Dorothy, is in her mid-50's. She has a strong personality and is quite opinionated about most everything. Something of a social climber, she tends to frown on people she considers beneath her, particularly a certain tomboy. She's always loved Ally and wants to get her and Steve back together again.

George Clement

In his early 60's, George is the manager of Pine Bluff Municipal Airport, a local home for most private planes in the area.  "Pop", as he is known, is friends with most everyone particularly with Steve, and he has followed Steve's flying career with great interest over the years.

Joshua Mason


In his early 30's, Josh has always resented living in the shadow of his older brother. He's worked hard to earn a place in his father's company, but now that Steve is home, Josh is afraid Steve will replace him.

Nate Clark

A former business executive, Nate took early retirement after his wife’s death and moved to the big sky country. He bought a ranch, the Circle-C, where they raise and train horses. Nate's a jovial fellow in his mid-50's and is father to Rebecca, his only child.

Jeremy "Tex" Davis

A handsome guy in his early 30's, Tex is a true cowboy, as much at home in the saddle as he is behind the wheel of his big pickup truck. He's the foreman of Nate Clark's Circle-C ranch and has worked for Rebecca's father ever since they moved north. He and Rebecca are good friends and he has asked her to marry him.

To read a preview of the screenplay, click here.

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