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Gunfighters Legacy Book

Return to the Essence of the Old West with Thrilling Western Fiction Books

The art of combining the lawless reality of the bygone wild west with immersive, enthralling fiction is a fine art. Throughout his lifetime, author C. R. Britting has been focused on creating immersive western fiction books with his identifiable writing style. Using careful attention to exemplars and adherence to his personal childhood heroes, Britting has mastered the necessary skills that a literary professional must follow to find success in a competitive and modern writing environment.

One niche in particular that has found immediate success in the literary world is the story are in his female gunfighter books. More than simple tall tales or fictional spins on history, his female gunfighter books stands as an intricate combination of many unique elements rolled into a specific literary package. Britting prefers to base his characters on empowered female heroines of literary and cinematic history, including the western movie ‘Hannie Caulder’ starring actress Raquel Welch. Casting off their traditional roles and culturally mandated professions, the women of Britting’s female gunfighter books have a sharp mind and witty sense of humor that keep readers coming back for new installments again and again.

Readers are able to experience every ounce of this excitement in C. R. Britting's full length series “The Gunfighter's Legacy’' book. “The Gunfighter’s Legacy” book is a four part set. This series of cowgirl books is centered around the adventures of Elizabeth Carver. Like many of Britting’s other characters, Carver is a strong woman who has been raised to be a simple wife and mother, taught to follow the traditional lives of her female contemporaries. However, her fiery spirit and rebellious nature leads her on a path of her very own, sending her into dangerous situations she never could have imagined.

All fans of western fiction books or the strong female presence found in classic female gunfighter books cannot miss any of the four novels in C. R. Britting's groundbreaking series 'The Gunfighter's Legacy’ books. 

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