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Military Fiction

Discover Engrossing Military Fiction Novels for the Historian in You

Recording the spirit and timeline of history is one of C. R. Britting’s primary personal drives as a writer. Serving in the U.S. Military for three years, he is no stranger to the life of the American soldier, nor is he unfamiliar with the terminology that accompanies such a specific genre. Engrossing military fiction stories involving personal memories and hard-hitting subjects are an integral part of C. R. Britting’s authorial legacy.

Many short story books for adults have characters who become trapped in a specific role, no longer able to fully display the complex and multifaceted nature of the human experience. In some cases, the ultimate value of the written piece becomes lost and even caricatured by flat dialogue and unrealistic historic scenarios. This creates a stark contrast of talent against artistic integrity, which many authors of short story books for adults make the mistake of acquiring.

C. R. Britting strives to push back against the common fiction writer’s pitfalls by basing his work in his own memory and personal experiences with war at a young age. Whether the story involves the work of an American spy, the adventures of a fighter pilot, or the struggles of a retired army sergeant on the hunt for a simple life, each of these tales denote a piece of universal truth applicable to the lives of every reader.

The military fiction of C. R. Britting includes stories that take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours to read. Their ageless characteristics deliver a high-quality story that leaves many readers wanting more. Those invested in the playful lines and serious natures of historical fiction should cement C. R. Britting as one of the most ambitious authors of short story books for adults in recent memory.

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