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Romantic Screenplay Western

Escape The Drudgery of Everyday Life with Expertly Crafted Western Books

Readers are interested in reading western books for one of three reasons: their timeless nature, surprising emotionalism, or unpredictable, even shocking conclusions. Each of these three themes of classic wild west literature are fully ingrained in C. R. Britting’s natural writing style, utilizing a unique voice to deliver unparalleled tales of adventure.


C. R. Britting has spent a lifetime capturing, scripting, and developing romantic screenplay Westerns for television since the beginning of his career in the late 1960s. With his romantic screenplay Westerns, he was able to deliver entertaining shows to thousands of households, Britting is no stranger to the elements that create the perfect storm of excellence for a set of page-turning western books.


Britting’s western short stories have long been equated as the spiritual successors for iconic classics of the western books genre, including the unforgettable novel ‘Riders of the Purple Sage’ by Zane Grey. Several television shows and box office successes have helped Britting shape his unique storytelling visions, such as ‘The Quick and the Dead’ and Antoine Fuqua’s retelling of the timeless characters in ‘The Magnificent Seven.’


Longer form western short stories seek to take his prose a step further, filling in a literary niche that has long been neglected by other writers. Instead of using his characters and circumstances to showcase the nature of the stark and arid wild west, Britting prefers to use the environment of his stories to enhance their very real and very human characters that appear throughout the novels. For example, if you want a train story for adults, he has a few short stories where trains and railroads play pivotal roles in the stories. The author’s work is fundamentally tied to the landscape of westward America, using the texture of the world around the characters to help explain their deep-set inner dialogues and internal struggle with themselves and others.


If you want a train story for adults or heart warming Western stories, the western books and stories of C. R. Britting deserves a high place on any classic American Western cowboy’s bookshelf.

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