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Free Online Stories for Adults

Uncover Free Online Stories for Adults

The American Western is one of the most charming and enduring genres of stories ever told. Spanning across a world that consists of hundreds of miles of flat deserts, open skies, and untamed societies, the magic of the wild west has never quite left the heart of the contemporary reader.

Capturing the feral souls of the great western novels in the mid to late fifties, C. R. Britting presents a series of western stories that thrill, inspire, and excite the minds of readers all over the globe. From the very first page to the end of the novel, Britting's work highlights some of the most unforgettable portions of the American Western landscape.

'Finding the Simple Life' is one of these award-winning short western stories, capturing a moment of time within powerful prose and intrinsic dialog that flow from the page to the eye. Britting utilizes his love of history and passion for the wild west to craft engaging stories that delight readers of all ages.


'The Diary' serves as another great example of Britting's writing style, showing the depth of his writing ability in an empowered female heroine. Detailing the expressive and emotional lives of the west’s earliest inhabitants, Britting quickly distinguishes himself from other western novels and their writers. His insightful lines on the true nature of the lawless wild west, coupled with the deep and relatable characters shown in his writing, are sure not to disappoint.

Casting off their traditional roles and culturally mandated professions, C.R. Britting also has written several immersive stories about women who know who they are, what they want, and who are not afraid to go after it. The empowering of female heroines is one aspect of fiction that is on the rise, and he shows in his story “Bobbie Jordan, TV Reporter”. The story is about a woman named Roberta Jordan, a girl who works at a local TV station. As a girl who works at a TV station, she faces the challenges of dealing with unwanted male attention and earning her place on the staff.

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