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Lara Croft's Silverado Adventure

Tomb Raider Fan Fiction

Tomb Raider Lara Croft is bored, believe it or not. It's only been a few weeks since her last adventure, but she's already feeling the itch for another one. Then a letter arrives from America inviting her to come and check out a new western theme park called Silverado.

At first, she laughs, for theme parks are not exactly her thing. Still, she doesn't have anything else scheduled at the moment. It might even be fun. Two weeks later she lands at a desert airstrip. It looks like a relaxing week in the sun, but it won't be long before she'll need her real guns again.

Ride along with her in this fan fiction novel. You can read a preview of her adventure (in pdf format) by clicking here.

Lara Croft Silverado |Tomb Raider | Tomb Raider Fan Fiction

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